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Linette from Wisconsin wrote (November 07, 2008):
I have an 8 yr. old gelding with an old rear hock injury. Something happened that broke the joint capsule. He also has a chip off of his tibia. The whole area has calcified over time. He seemed very ouchie & stiff & I was afraid to use him for much other than walk/trot on the flat. I was heartbroken to think my gorgeous appy would have to be retired at such a young age! A friend of mine, who has a mare with arthritis in her hock, gave me a partial tube of Conquer to try on my gelding. I could literally SEE improvement within a week of using it! She said she has tried lots of other joint supplements on the market & the Conquer gel is the only thing she has found that has provided visible relief! I won't be looking any further for other joint aids. Conquer is the best there is!!!