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Love this girth
celeb from SC wrote (September 23, 2012):
My mare loves this girth! She was getting rub marks from her old girth, this one has done wonders for her thin skin. She is even moving better under saddle since switching to this girth.
My horse loves this girth!
Kara Judge-Buyer from NH wrote (May 21, 2012):
My mare can be very thin skinned and if she doesn't like her girth she can act like the world is ending. She loves this girth! The shape is very unobtrussive and it is very soft. The price makes it even better!
Great, but Gel Slides
Maddy from KY wrote (January 03, 2012):
I purchased this girth for my new horse and it is very soft to the tough and does not pinch or rub. She seems to enjoy it. However, after about 2 months of use, the gel insert had slipped to one side creating uneven pressure. I was able to wiggle the insert back in place, but sometimes it slips back especially if we have a tough schooling session. When it slips it has never affected the comfort of my horse though.
Christina from CO wrote (September 11, 2011):
I purchased this girth to use for my Arabian as I have to girth him pretty closely behind his elbow and many of the leather girths are just too thick. I love this girth. It is super comfortable, easy to keep clean and allows him to move freely. He's never had a rub and the girth holds my dressage saddle securely in place. I like the wide slot to tuck away the leftover girth straps. I have even used it on my single flap eventing saddle and it worked really great or jumping as well. Excellent Product!
Sherrie from Michigan wrote (July 09, 2010):
Wonderful, comfy girth that looks nice. I love the elastic on both ends.
jb from Massachusetts wrote (June 26, 2010):
the shape of this girth worked very well for my horse and prevented the saddle from sliding forward. Unfortunately, my horse is allergic to the neoprene and started getting big welts after just two uses. I'm looking for the same girth in leather, now...
Liz and LeRock from New York wrote (June 08, 2010):
This is my second Ovation Girth. My other was a bit too large for my new horse and has lots of life left after 4 years. These are awesome. Holds great, very comfortable for my horse, easy to care for. Love it and a great price!!!
bob from nebraska wrote (April 15, 2010):
nice girth that seems to be comfortable for my horse
Amanda from FL wrote (April 02, 2010):
Works well for horses with forward girth grooves. Every little bit helps when you have this problem. It's well made and just as good as the leather County girth for a fraction of the cost.
Michelle from TX wrote (February 19, 2010):
Nice girth for the price. I have used it on 2 horses and no nasty faces while girthing up so I think it is very comfortable for the horse. The billet keepers gap a little, but it is a nice comfortable girth for everyday use.I am pleased with it.
Ashley from FL wrote (July 06, 2009):
this is the girth to buy if you have a sensitive horse! My horse gets rubs from nearly everything and this is really soft and nice on her. She has had rubs from the wintec, soft touch and many others but this does the trick!