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Overall Rating: 4 Stars
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Diane from CA wrote (August 15, 2010):
dissapointed with this tie. Instead of a "knot" it has a webbing loop where the knot would be. May look better when pinned in place but I expected a nicer looking tie.
Alexis from NJ wrote (October 10, 2009):
I was very excited about this new "easy tie," but when I opened it up, I found it... untied. Since these ties are SUPPOSED to already be made-up, I could find no instructions on how to tie it, and it has been useless.
Renee from WV wrote (October 05, 2009):
Love this stock tie! Really nice fabric, washes up nice, and doesn't lose it shape. I have the Romfh Show Shirt and I love how it has the snap in the back to keep the stock tie from shifting and riding up! Goes great together, very classy and affordable!
Kate from IN wrote (June 30, 2009):
I had originally wanted another style tie and had to go with this one b/c the other was sold out, and I'm so glad they were, or I wouldnt have lucked into this Stylish tie. The picture just doesn't do it justice! Just as the others have stated in their reveiws, its elegant, durable, washable, & very reasonably priced too. A pleasant suprise in my case & I would definately recommend this tie to others!
Heather from Oklahoma wrote (May 15, 2009):
Very well made and comfortable. Looks classy in the ring and the pre-tied knot makes one less thing to fuss about before your test!
Review from PA wrote (June 18, 2008):
Well constructed and great quality! Cool fabric that holds it shape and wash out well! Nice design too. Very elegant and the pre-tied knot has a nice shape.