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It's just Okay
Jessica from IL wrote (September 25, 2012):
After doing a full body clip on my horse, this clipper just never worked the same after. I was using the Kool Lube spray and cleaning my blades properly. The problem with the clippers is that the battery no longer holds a charge. My clippers die after 15 mins of use. That's kind of sad.
Terrible Clipper Housing
Safram from GA wrote (June 15, 2012):
I am a pet groomer and groom every day. Very good clipper and was very quiet for the first month. After that, the clipper started getting louder every day. The reason being that the housing is made of plastic and seeing that the blade goes at 5000 strokes per minute, everything that keeps the housing together starts breaking. The last Wahl Arco SE clipper I bought, fell apart after three months. In all my years of grooming I have never seen anything like it. Lovely clipper while it works, but at the price tag it comes with, it is impossible to replace it every three months. I don't think I want to buy another one of these and I can surely NOT recommend this to any other groomer.
Such a great upgrade.
Kristen from MA wrote (March 05, 2012):
This is my first pair of cordless clippers and they are great. They are quiet, come with two rechargeable batteries, and do a great job. My horse is a mustang cross so his fetlocks and bridle path are especially thick. This thing goes right through!
Lauren from Arizona wrote (August 21, 2009):
I love these clippers! They are quiet yet powerful. It's really convenient to change the blade size when clipping for a show. Cordless is the way to go. I will never need another pair of clippers.
kiki from ca wrote (October 05, 2008):
these are great clippers and strong. i fully body clipped 2 horses in two days and they lated the whole time.
Review from PA wrote (June 18, 2008):
These are great clippers for doing bridle paths and fetlocks easily. As with any clippers, you must keep them oiled during clippers otherwise they will clog up and won't work, this applies to all clippers. Great quality, gives a wonderful clean clip, and is pretty unbreakable.