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Body Clippers
S. Hinson from NC wrote (January 09, 2012):
Quality product cuts lovely! It is heavy but balanced. Purchased to body clip my Hunt Horses it did a great job! I have used many clippers and have loved the Oster brand. Only complaits would be they do not make an adjustable height option for cutting diferent hair lengths with this clipper however, there are two blades avb for this clipper 1/8 inch and 1/4inch. I would love a guard attachment to come with this.
Jim from Virginia wrote (July 12, 2010):
Overall dissatisfied with them. First pair of clippers broke in the first use. Second set is still working, but runs hot, my wife struggles with the size and weight, hard to get into any tight spots, fan blows hair all over operator. Currently ordering a Wahl Lister Star to replace it.
Anne from NJ wrote (December 26, 2009):
My older Osters lasted almost 20 years. This is the second new Oster variable speed I've had in the last 2 years. The first one brole within a month (only clipped 2 horses) the second one just left me high and dry today, horse half clipped. Not satisfied with these newer Osters, will replace with a different brand...
Chuck from Calif wrote (November 29, 2009):
While these clipper are powerful and cut nicely, they are very heavy and difficult to cut in the nooks. Ours kept stopping several times during a body clip. I had to open them and clean the commutator several times during a clip. Today the commutator finally broke. We are looking for another brand for a replacement.
crumpet from NY wrote (November 08, 2009):
These are fantastic clippers: they clip beautifully, they don't leave any lines, and they stay cool. One drawback: the fan system has a tendency to blow hair in the operator's face...messy & uncomfortable!
Natalie from Washington wrote (September 20, 2009):
These Clippers are amazing! They dont leave lines, no matter what direction you go with the horse's hair!! fully body clipped 14hh pony in 3 hrs (including legs and face with normal clipper)
Cindy from Iowa wrote (December 01, 2008):
This clipper is great! It clips through THICK Clyde feathers like a hot knife through butter. We also use it to clip our 85# golden doodle (super thick & curly coat), and it paid for itself w/in one year, easily!