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Kelsey from GA wrote (January 17, 2011):
I have seen so many horses that crib and have never seen a collar work so effectively to stop cribbing! In about two weeks, my best friend's thoroughbred has completely stopped cribbing and shows no sign of wanting to crib.
Lily from CT wrote (January 02, 2011):
This cribbing collar worked as well as the others I've tried. It didn't stop my horse from cribbing even though I punched more holes to make it fit properly, but it didn't rub and seemed more comfortable than most others.
Bobbi from NC wrote (November 16, 2010):
I agree this collar is easier to use then the Miracle Collar and more comfortable/durable than the usual nylon/metal versions. We also had to punch holes in it to get it small enough to fit perfectly. Before we purchased a cribbing collar, my horse actually cribbed/ate her metal automatic watering bowl! She can't now!
Mia from MD wrote (August 23, 2010):
I definitely prefer this strap to the miracle collar. This strap has stopped my mare from cribbing (and breaking my fences) for the past year and is still working great. She hasn't had any rubbing of the skin although it will create a bridle path that never needs to be touched up.
Elaine from VA wrote (August 04, 2010):
This collar is very effective, and much more comfortable for the horse than the Miracle Collar. As the other review said, it will need more holes punched, and most of the time, you will need to trim the leather to allow enough holes, as it gets too wide to go thru the buckle. The comfort for the horse is well worth the extra effort to modify this collar. You can also wrap it with a polo bandage to take up some room, and stop rubs if it causes any. However, if you get it adjusted to stop the cribbing, it is unlikely to rub, as it is the cribbing that causes the rubs. Crib collars need to be tight to work, but they are only tight when the horse raises its head. They are lose when carried naturally, or down when eating.