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Victoria from CA wrote (October 16, 2012):
I got this on sale for 35$ when i got my new horse and was a little concerned it wouldn't be good enough but its perfect ! I show in it and it looks beautiful on him! Definitely worth the money
Wonderful, I use it every day
Emily from CA wrote (October 15, 2012):
This is the best bridle ever. Last year I finally bought a horse of my own and needed to get him a new bridle because he only fits in cob sized ones... I also needed it cheap and couldnt afford the $110 "cheap" one at my local tack shop. This bridle has lasted me a long time and fits my horse well. I highly recommend it!
Horsegirl from wrote (October 07, 2012):
I got this for christmas and was very pleased, it felt soft and supple and fit my at the time leased pony with a cob head VERY well. My only problem is the laced reins were a bit stiff (My fault, didn't clean/condition those b4 use) And cut my fingers
Durable, beautiful, fits tons of horses!
Janna from CO wrote (September 13, 2012):
Love: - Very durable. Rode in it twice a week for two years with a bunch of different horses. - Beautiful. It looks way better than most of the fancy bridles at our barn. - Adjustable. I could use this bridle on a draft cross AND a barely 15 hand petite horse. It adjusted really well and has a lot of holes. - Safe. I'm buying a new one because a horse caught the reins and broke it. It broke exactly where/when it was supposed to and didn't hurt her mouth. The only thing I wish is that it retained oil a little bit better; it tended to dry out fairly quickly.
Kylee Hansen from SC wrote (August 21, 2012):
I loved this bridle. I have two bridles one which I paid 100 for and this one. I have had them both for a year and where the 100 dollar one is already breaking, this one has little wear and tear. It fits my horse nicely and looks really good too. (: I would recommend this bridle to everyone I know.
Great Bridle!
Jenni from NJ wrote (July 31, 2012):
I bought this bridle a couple days ago, and am very pleased with it so far! The leather is much softer and more supple than bridles four times its price, and the padding and fancy stitching make it look nice enough to show in! The horse size fits my TB great, and looks great on him too! I would definitely reccomend this bridle to anyone looking for a fancy bridle on a budget.
Great bridle
Kayla from NJ wrote (July 31, 2012):
i haven't used mine yet but i can tell its gonna be good! Padding is nice and squishy and It is a little tough but after oiling it 1 time with lexol its already starting to become more supple! I think this looks like one of those $200 dollar bridles
Good bridle
Ashley H from IL wrote (July 29, 2012):
This bridle is amazing! Sure its not your oh so fancy and supple out of the bag $300 bridle but what can you expect for $30?! Nice and simple and if you oil a good 3-5 times and let it sit in the sun with the oil it becomes very nice and supple! I actually like this bridle better than my $200 one because its just so easy and good quality. I've had it about 2 years and people use it at my barn since its now to big for my current horse but it stays in really nice shape and the leather hasn't cracked at all, nor has the buckles rusted. I also who has a friend who shows A/AA shows and need cheap bridles to put her bits on since she shows on different horses and she said she uses this one and after she oils it a few times she gets tons of compliments on it! Just a really nice bridle for someone on a budget.
i really am confused 4r3454 from WA wrote (July 04, 2012):
The suffolk bridle is soo nice. i got mine on clearence about 3 mounths ago. it is a little stiff but conditioning it makes it super supple, some cracking occurs but for the price i compard it to 150 bridles it is was just as good, Buy THis BRIDLE
Laura from PA wrote (June 24, 2012):
I am 110% IN LOVE with this bridle!! I got it on sale for only $30, and it looks like a $150 bridle! The darker leather matches my Marcel toulouse saddle perfectly, and it looks gorgeous on my chestnut gelding. The stitching is beautifully done and the padding adds comfort for my horse's sensitive face! The leather broke in after the first ride and is soft and supple, and all of the buckles are easy to do/undo. I would recommend this bridle to ANYONE. It's fantastic!
Exellent bridle!
from wrote (April 24, 2012):
This is an excellent bridle. The leather is soft and of good quality. You can't buy a better bridle for the price.
mle212 from IL wrote (April 18, 2012):
I thought I would give this bridle a try since it was such a good deal and pretty much everything from Dover is nice. Unfortunately the quality is about what you would expect for this price. It is made in India. The finish on the leather is not nice - it's almost like a top coating stuck on that had already started to crack before I even took it out of the package. The leather was very tough (not supple). The stitching did not appear to be even. I didn't even take it out of the bag because it was very disappointing. The one saving grace is the nice roller buckles with the buckle guard on the noseband. I guess the old adage is true: you get what you pay for.
from DC wrote (April 02, 2012):
loved this bridle, its nice and pretty and supple(: the stichting was very well done. reins were a little stiff, but after a few rides and some oil, they are nice and soft. this is a great bridle if you are looking for a simple but classy padded bridle. for schooling or showing. absolutly NO dislikes. fantastic for the price
Nice Bridle!
NC Lisa from NC wrote (March 30, 2012):
I was very pleasantly surprised when this bridle showed up. It's soft, supple, very pretty. I'm buying a second one for my other horse!
Read the small print
Judy Goode from CA wrote (March 20, 2012):
I wanted an inexpensive bridle that was fair to good quality for occaisional use. I bought the -1286 style #. It seemed ok out of the box, though the reins are stiff/dry. I oiled it a couple weeks before putting on my horse. The first time I put it on my horse and adjusted the noseband it cracked half way through the thickness of the leather where the holes are. I'm sending it back in exchange for another brand, and will be careful to get english leather so there is a better chance of getting at least 'fair to good' quality.
KC from VA wrote (March 19, 2012):
This bridle is awesome, but I found that the noseband was a little small on my horse. Other than that it is great!
I'm so Happy
Maddy from NY wrote (February 25, 2012):
I just recieved this bridle yesterday. It's so pretty and I cant wait to use it on my new horse. The leather was soft out of the box, not stiff like some reviews said. I think it's pretty enough for shows too! If your a rider on a budget like me-get this bridle
So good I had to come back for more!!
Leah from IA wrote (February 22, 2012):
I reviewed this product the end of last month, and was so happy with it I purchased another for a new horse I am leasing (he has a HUGE head and had to have an O/S whereas i just had the horse size one!). I received said new bridle in the mail today and just wanted to thank Dover for supplying us with such wonderful, affordable products!!
Okay Bridle
Laura from SC wrote (February 19, 2012):
It is a good quality bridle, it just gets wrinkle-y quick and seems its a lot older than it is.
I nearly fainted...
Laura from PA wrote (February 05, 2012):
When I saw how cheap and wonderful this bridle is! The fancy stitch on the noseband and browband is neatly done. The padding is soft and well made. The leather is AMAZING quality for the price! The buckles are very easy to do/undo, and the leather comes pre-oiled and already feels broken in! I got mine in the Dover store for only $35, and I am SO happy with it! I would recommend this to EVERYONE, you can buy this bridle just for schooling, but they're so nice you can show in them too! I am amazed.
Looks great
Shiri from KY wrote (February 02, 2012):
Although I have only had it for a week, I can only say good things about it. It came well packaged and in good condition, ready to ride in. My horse seems perfectly happy in it. It is a beautiful bridle (I have had several compliments) with very nice leather and stitching on the brow and nosebands, well, padded, and of course you can't beat the price, True to size as well. Awesome so far!
Absolutely Amazing
Casey H. from VA wrote (January 25, 2012):
This is, hands down, the best bridle you can buy. It beats out the $300 bridles easily, and looks just as nice. The padding is very thick and seems quite comfortable.
Totally amazing bridle!
Michelle, Show Me Cash's mom from TN wrote (January 23, 2012):
I love this bridle. I'd been to tack stores that have upscale bridles and was told by the owners to not buy an expensive bridle. I read all the reviews on this bridle. I received it and it was as soft as butter. It did take me about 5 minutes to put it together. Had to undo it and then redo it because I realized I'd put my uxeter kimberwick bit on backwards, inside out. Don't laugh until you try it yourself for the first time! Dover gave me excellent customer service in every way. This bridle is truly fabulous. Look amazing and is great quality. Thank you, Dover
Fancy stitched bridle
Michelle, "Show Me Cash"s new mom from TN wrote (January 22, 2012):
I bought this bridle after reading its reviews. Was still hesitant because of the low price. It arrived more quickly than I expected. Took 5 mins to put together.. . Soft from the beginning. Using it with a kimberwick uxeter low port on my buckskin gelding and it is beyond beautiful! Thanks, Dover for the great service!
Very Nice
Emily M. from IA wrote (January 21, 2012):
I couldn't be happier with this bridle. The picture does not do it justice; it was so dark compared to the white fancy stitching. It was supple right out of the box, and the buckles were very easy to adjust. It smelled strongly fish though, but I guess that comes with having a new bridle. The only about this product is that it took WAY longer to come in the mail through standard shipping than I tought it would (2-3 weeks). I've only had the chance to use it once because of the cold weather, but the laced reins are very good quality as is the bridle! Overall, very nice product!
Fantastic product!!
Leah from IA wrote (January 21, 2012):
I purchased this bridle last year. I was kind of hesitant to get it even though it had all these good reviews, but I am glad I did!! For the price, the quality is unbeatable. The padding is actually soft and the bridle itself is supple after you oil it a few times. The stitching is pretty, and the reins aren't half bad! They might be put together a little loose but I honestly think they aren't that bad. This bridle has held up wonderfully and I am glad I made this purchase!
Couldn't Be Happier!
Kimberly Eckler from MI wrote (January 07, 2012):
I was a little hesitant in purchasing this bridle due to how low the price was, but when it arrived I couldn't be happier! This bridle is beautiful all round and well made. The leather is soft and supple, I couldn't stop touching it! I cannot afford the expensive bridles and being an Eventer I need my equipment to be strong and well made so that I know I can do my job without fear of anything breaking. I was so pleased, I had to buy a second one!
Chris M. Customer Service from MA wrote (January 04, 2012):
Thank you for your positive, as well as not positive reviews. We do have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, money back any time any reason. Please give us a call at 1-800-989-1500 we would be happy to help you take care of this.
Chris M. Customer Service from MA wrote (January 03, 2012):
Thank you for your positive as well as not so positive feedback on this bridle. We do have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Monday back any time, any reason. If you would like to send an email to or call us at 1-800-989-1500 we would be happy to take care of you.
You Get What You Pay For
Eliza from VT wrote (January 01, 2012):
I bought this bridle based off the reviews. I needed a cheap bridle and cheap is what I got. The leather was very stiff and looked like it was cracking in places upon arrival.
great bridle
Emily from CA wrote (December 31, 2011):
i bought this bridle for everyday use. it came very stiff but i oiled it twice and it is not almost completely supple. i am very impress with this bridle for the price and highly reccomend it! it has a nice look to it and the buckles all have rollers on them and the noesband has a guard for the buckle which is super nice! the sizes are pretty true to average. i hope this helps!
very nice!!
A.B. from NM wrote (December 25, 2011):
paid 29.99 or something like that and it was worth every penny and then some. would have paid fulll price for this item.couldn't wait to show every one at the barn and brag about the deal i got!! just like i thought they were impressed too!
Kathy from NH wrote (October 28, 2011):
I LOVE this bridle! I bought it as my hunter show bridle and everyone at my barn loves it and could not believe the price. I let my instructor borrow it for lessons for a few months and it held up beautifully. Looks and feels great! Only thing is that the cob size did not fit my Halflinger, but he's got a big head anyway. Fits my grade pony and Arab cross just fine. HIGHLY recommend!!! :)