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Denisa from NC wrote (September 13, 2009):
I have used this comb for years on all types of horses. It is, for me, the fastest, easiest and most humane way to shorten and thin manes. They look good every time and stay in place. Most of the time it looks like i pulled them. When the blade is dull i just replace it. That is the best part. The replace-able blade! Like any other product it only works as good as the operator. So be patient and you will love the results.
Magstang from Maryland wrote (February 21, 2009):
I am not a fan of this comb. The blade is on the opposite side from the comb, so you have to flip it over when you want to cut. I'm retraining a Thoroughbred who hates having her mane pulled, so even though I'm not pulling, she flips her head when I backcomb the hair. I don't have time to flip the comb over, so I usually end up clipping hair that I didn't want clipped, while leaving the hank that I wanted gone intact. It probably would work a lot better on a quiet horse; it is NOT for a fidgety horse.
jj from conneticute wrote (August 05, 2008):
this is an unbelievable comb. I used to cut my horses mane with scissors and it didnt look natural so we pulled a little. My horse hates it so this comb does it all for me at one shot in less than 10 mins