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Jen from Kentucky wrote (December 31, 2009):
The best mane trimming tool i have found! its sharp blade cuts the hair instead of the pain of pulling but it looks compleatley natural like when you pull the old fashion way, its much faster too
Emma from North Carolina wrote (April 07, 2009):
I would highly recommend this grooming knife because, as the other reviewer wrote, it doesn't dull and is very safe. I use it on all our horses' manes and it works great & is not at all painful to the horse, unlike some pulling combs. All in all, this is a great grooming tool.
Jamie from NC wrote (November 29, 2008):
This knife is wonderful and works great on my warmbloods thick mane. It dosn't dull and cuts the mane effortlessly. It is very portable and safe because the blade folds inside of the wooden handle when your not using it. I have reccomended it to all of my friends.