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Wonderful find!
Kari from WA wrote (August 08, 2012):
These stirrup pads far surpass any others I have tried for comfort, traction, and durability. They stay on your foot in any weather, yet are easy to kick out of if you need to. They add a nice cushion to landing in the stirrup, and they add a nice weight to the stirrup that, along with the great traction, makes it easier to stay in than any other stirrup I have ridden in! Those big trots, or youngsters frolicing around are much easier with these stirrup pads!
Noah The Pony from NE wrote (January 14, 2012):
These are amazing!!! I have just used regular stirrup pads until now, but these are great!!! My horse likes to leave from really long spots, and my stirrups would slide back or i would lose them entirely. These havent completely fixed the problem, but my feet are so much more secure in the stirrups. I also have a problem of my right leg sliding back and that problem has lessened too. These are great!
Lisa from NY wrote (October 15, 2010):
these pads fit my 4-day jointed Herm Sprenger stirrips and make it easier to drop and pick up my irons while riding. A big help during equitation on the flat classes!
Jill Williams Phinney from MI wrote (July 20, 2010):
2 bad knees. Liogament damage. These make riding a lot more comfortable. I wish I had them long ago.
Ellie from Virginia wrote (June 10, 2010):
These stirrup pads are awesome! My horse has a very powerful jump and my feet would come out all the time. After I bought these my problem stopped! They are very comfortable and I would recommend them to anyone.
Charmaine from Iowa wrote (September 18, 2009):
I bought a pair of these when I was having trouble keeping my foot in proper placement with my dressage saddle. They work really well. My husband asked for a pair for his AP saddle, and he likes them also.
Samantha from Maryland wrote (June 13, 2009):
I had an accident while riding that has ruined my right ankle. I went to the doctor and he said that the best thing to do would be to stop riding......uhh, sorry not happening! This stirrups have taken the pain that I used to have away! They are so comfortable! I recommend these stirrup pads to anyone with the similar problem!
Teri from KS wrote (April 28, 2009):
These stirrup pads are amazing! I always had trouble with my feet slipping out of the stirrup while on course, and it hasn't happened again since using these! I recommend them to anyone. They're very comfortable and secure. Great buy.