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For beginners
Hanna from GA wrote (February 04, 2012):
This is a good stirrup when people are doing some of the small stuff of riding. When I started jumping 3ft+, the bands would break and cause me to fall off 60% of the time.
Melissa from Maryland wrote (May 14, 2011):
Safe (obviously)! When I ride, I don't have to worry about falling off and getting dragged! :) With these stirrups, I feel safe, and secure in the saddle! The bands never break, and the stirrups don't allow my feet to slip around at all! The bottom is bumpy. Easy care. Best (and safest) stirrups ever! Worth the price!
Emma from Mo wrote (May 01, 2011):
These are the best stirrups!! The bands break, but not aften. When I fall I always know that my foot is not going to get stuck. They are a must have!!
Kat from pa wrote (March 20, 2011):
I love these stirrups i recently got a new saddle and the fitter insisted I got stirrups like sprengers but I tried jumping in them and they would tip me forward so I used to ride in peacocks and switched back haven't ever had a problem only that the peacocks break from time to time but they are cheap
Eventer from MA wrote (March 02, 2011):
These are nice stirrups. They don't slip a lot. One rubber band was tearing about six or seven months after I got them but the other has lasted over a year now. I use them cross country about once a week in the summer. I use these stirrups every time I ride. They are also great for low level events. Overall, great stirrups
Crystal from Missouri wrote (December 21, 2010):
This is the second pair I've orders in ten years! I love peacock stirrups. If you don't order them in the correct size you will break your bands so order them correct. I've replaced 3 sets of bands and I ride 4 to 5 times a week dressage and jumping! My show stirrups are almost ten years old and in beautiful condition thanks to my peacocks !
Patti from MA wrote (November 15, 2010):
Bought these about ten weeks ago and the rubber band broke today - now I'm hearing from lots of people that this is pretty common, the bands break all the time.
emma from IN wrote (July 10, 2010):
i love them! very nice quality!
Lisa from Michigan wrote (November 27, 2009):
Nice quality, nice price, would recommend
Kelly from MD wrote (April 09, 2009):
These stirrups are the best invention ever!!! They keep me and other riders safe, provide comfort, don't slip, and still look classy and neat. I recommend these to anyone!!
Jessica from Tx wrote (February 08, 2009):
I absolutely love these stirrups. They are long-lasting and don't slip easily. I highly recommend these