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Overall Rating: 4 Stars
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Jonathan from Oregon wrote (September 19, 2011):
Bought this for my girlfriend's horse. Great quality, just slips if you don't secure it snugly. Very well padded and offers lots of protection, though.
Kate G. from NC wrote (March 15, 2010):
GREAT QUALITY! I love this head bumper. nice leather and nicely thick and padded. I would recommend getting the "Bumper Strap" it makes it much for convienent for any head bumper.
Christina from MD wrote (October 21, 2009):
Love the idea, hated the outcome. Im all for protecting my horses when it comes to shipping/trailering. But the only problem i found was you really have to have the horses halter on snug for this and any head bumper for that matter. I found that the head bumper makes it unbelieveably easy for horses to pull out of their halters.