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Sam from SC wrote (April 05, 2012):
I got this used after buying my you tb mare who didin't like to load in our slant load trailer along with some of the dover pro shipping boots.We put this on her and with some confidence and training, she now JUMPS on the trailer!! I couldn't be happier with this and would HIGHLEY RECOMMEND THIS!!
Becca from CA wrote (September 11, 2011):
Good quaitlty. When I bought my daughter's first pony about 6 months ago, he freaked out as we took him home and sat down in the trailer (Which we bought used). Somehow, the hook he was tied to ripped out of the wall and he nearly flipped the trailer. He then reared and somehow managed a crow hop. Along the freak accident, he bashed his head against the roof of the trailer, denting the trailer very badly. The vet told us that if his Cashel Helmet hadn't absorbed some of the slam, he may have had slow bleeding in his brain. We bought a new trailer, and now the pony (named Georgie) is doing swell. I have never trailered a minute after without shipping boots and a Cashel Horse Helmet.
Cyndi R. from CA wrote (January 08, 2010):
These fit great and are easy to put on, they will slip over his eyes when he backs back in the window of our trailer, but don't know how to prevent this.
Mishka from CA wrote (September 28, 2009):
I got 2 of these for a recent move. They fit both of my very different horses perfectly.