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Annie from NC wrote (February 26, 2010):
The "leather buckle closure" isn't actually leather. Its sythetic. Which is fine, probably actually better than if it were leather, but just FYI.
K. Miller from Georgia wrote (September 28, 2009):
My Racking horse had an unusal knot on her pastern that the vet thought was a ruptured synovial sac. The fetlock ring has helped to keep her from striking the inside pastern where the knot is on her pastern which could cause the sac to rupture since she naturally interfers when she travels. It's very useful when she's at liberty in the paddock. She wears bell boots under saddle.
Yvette from Washington wrote (May 31, 2009):
My Thoroughbred tends to interfere behind to the point of sometimes pulling off his shoe. He is also persnickity (imagine!) and does not like hind boots. But the fetlock ring works like a charm and I have noticed no nicks on his pasterns since we started using these about a year ago. It seems to have trained him to travel more correctly, too