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Terrible girth
Julie A Woods from MI wrote (September 02, 2012):
This is the worst girth I have ever used on my horse. The keepers broke within 2 weeks, The equifleece makes it impossible to remove white horsehair, and as tight as you can get this thing, once your horse starts sweating, it slips and slides. Don't waste your money. Made in China
Karen from AZ wrote (July 22, 2012):
I have used this girth for a number of years and used others. This has been the best for comfort on a horse that is prone to rubs in the girth area. It's easy to clean and lasts quite a while with daily use.
Lisa from Alabama wrote (May 08, 2011):
I bought this girth several years ago. It is a nice girth for my Passier saddle. It does become incredibly hairy and the buckles do become rusty and it does not "wick sweat" in any way. other than that, it is a nice girth.
Lindsay from Idaho wrote (April 14, 2011):
This girth worked very well for my Courbette de Kunffy saddle. However, when I switched to a Collegiate Intellect, the billet straps were just wide enough that the loops above the buckles made it difficult to tighten the girth. The loops got in the way. When I used the girth without the loops above the buckles, the top of the girth slid back and exposed the buckles. I had to replace this girth for the new saddle. Other than that, great, sturdy girth that's easy to wash.
Karen Thumm from Michigan wrote (January 22, 2011):
I bought this girth last Fall and so far I'm very pleased with it. My horse loves it because it's soft and I don't have to tighten the girth so much to stabilize the saddle. Taking others' experiences into account, I'm careful not to pull up on the billet until it's through the buckle to avoid putting pressure on the girth keepers. I'm sure we're both going to love this girth even more when summer comes. Actually, I give it a 4.5 because there IS a lot of room on top of the buckles which makes the girth sit totally below the saddle pad.
Karen from Michigan wrote (January 22, 2011):
I bought this girth last Fall and have been very happy with it. My horse loves it because it is soft and has more give than my old neoprene girth. Keeping in mind the comments of others, I'm careful not to pull up on the billets until they're through the buckles to avoid pulling on the girth keepers. So far so good. Actually, I give this girth a 4.5 only because of the long distance between buckles and keepers at the top.
Tara from Indiana wrote (July 16, 2010):
I ordered two of these, and one of them has the keepers ripped out after about 10 rides. I do like the fit and comfort provided, so I will try the other one (next size up) and see how well it holds up.
Julie Woods from Michigan wrote (May 14, 2010):
This girth has given me nothing but problems. I have 2 and the keepers ripped out early on. It is certainly a bad design. I am VERY unhappy with this girth!
Ash from fl wrote (December 25, 2009):
I really like this girth. It is great to use everyday or as a backup. It is nice and wide, which I like. Someone mentioned that the part behind the buckle came up 3in above the buckles..that is just so that when the elastic stretches then the horse will still be protected from the buckles. If that is a concern especially with some of the deeper dressage pads then you could just order a size down. I am happy!
Jody from Vermont wrote (November 22, 2009):
You get what you pay for with this one! I had three and they all ripped out. I don't recommend.
Marjorie Lexton from NY wrote (September 02, 2009):
My favorite girth becasue of the fleece comfort for my Friesian and also the elastic buckle straps on BOTH sides...Easy to adjust while mounted and great for trail riding comfort and ring work for my mount.
Dee from Illinois wrote (August 07, 2009):
Very comfortable for the horses and the ONLY one that I have tried that does not rub even my most thin skinned horses
Melissa from WA wrote (June 20, 2009):
I love the texture of this girth and that it's washable... but the buckle is so far down beneath the top straps that it doesn't work well with ANY of my blankets. Be warned about the 3" between the top of the girth and the actual buckle.
Full Time Trainer from CA wrote (March 17, 2009):
I have mixed reviews about this girth. It is really a wonderful design however it did not hold up to being used in a training schedule. The stitching ripped out above the buckles. Both sides ripped out on the same day. The girth lasted for just shy of a year and worked great before it tore. I would not buy it again though.
Star from NM wrote (January 06, 2009):
I got this Girth as a Gift for my Aussie Saddle. It fits the leathers perfectly and is super soft and looks fabulous.
Sara from WA wrote (November 08, 2008):
I LOVE this girth. It's really soft and I think much more comfortable for my horse. Definitely worth it!
Esther from TN wrote (November 05, 2008):
Excellent girth - no chafing!! I tried nearly a dozen different types of girths on a WB & a half-Arab, including "big name/big price" girths. This is the only one that fits well, doesn't shift, allows full range of shoulder/elbow motion, and DOES NOT CHAFE!! I could not be more pleased, and the price is simply icing on the cake. A
Ashley from FL wrote (September 14, 2008):
I never actually owned one of these girths but I used them all of the time at my lesson barn. These were all that we had for the lesson horses and they were there when I got there and now about 3 years latter they are in great shape! They also look very nice and seem very comfortable for the horse, very soft!