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Overall Rating: 4 Stars
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Ginger from KS wrote (August 04, 2011):
I love this girth. I have used it for many years and never had any problems with galling or adjusting. Easy to clean, and even though I normally go for leather tack, it looks just fine. I recommend this girth for pleasure riding, trail riding and schooling.
Betsy from CT wrote (July 18, 2011):
I absolutely love this girth. So comfortable for the horse and easy to clean. Not sure what the other reviewers are referring to as far as being difficult to adjust. I've had no issues with that. Highly recommend
Alisha from MI wrote (January 29, 2011):
I do not like this girth at all. It is a complete pain in the butt to get on and tightened because there is no elastic on either of the ends. It has very little to almost no stretch. Definately a waste of my money.
Ivey from GA wrote (October 19, 2010):
This is a good girth. I don't have any problems adjusting it like some of the other reviewers. I have never had any problems with it.
Jo from CO wrote (September 05, 2010):
This girth is really a pain to try to adjust, like another reviewer has mentioned...I really don't like that there is no elastic on the end(s). The elastic is in the middle, and it causes the girth to be really unpredictable...some days it will come off nice and tight, others it seems to adjust itself differently so I have to constantly check it during my ride. Also chafed my horse's elbows a bit and the lack of elastic on the ends caused it to wear on my billets. Very durable though; after 3 years I can still just sponge it off and it looks brand new. I wouldn't buy it again though.
savanna from MD wrote (March 31, 2010):
this girth looks to be comfortable on the horse but it is an absulout PAIN to get on!!! other girths work fine with my saddle and this horse except this one. most the time i have to get multiple people to help me tighten it.
May McClelland from NC wrote (May 20, 2009):
Great value for money, very easy to stretch and always looks good after each ride when I wipe it over with a wet cloth
Review from PA wrote (June 18, 2008):
The girth is very sturdy, it is always easy to make it look brand new with a wet sponge, I think the durability of it is fantastic.