Ponytail® is a brand of premium quality horse grooming products inspired by the deep passion horse owners have for their horses. Ponytail brand products are formulated with the highest quality human-grade ingredients and presented in exquisite packaging. The products are designed to offer a spa-like experience for both horses and their handlers as the unique collection cleans, softens, conditions and imparts shine to hair.

As a company, Ponytail applies the same transparency of ingredients as is required for human products, and in fact, the products may be used on riders as well as horses. The goal of the brand is to create horse grooming essentials that are in harmony with the care that horse owners provide for their animals and themselves.

A particularly innovative product in the brand is the horse-shaped Ponytail Foam & Frolic™ Shampoo Sponge. Designed for use on both horse and rider, the bathing sponge is pre-loaded using patented technology with shampoo formulated with soothing extracts. The sponge contains enough soap for at least three horse washes and at least 14 human uses.

Ponytail Ready to Roll Leave-In Conditioner is another unique product in the collection. Paraben- and sulfate-free, it moisturizes, detangles, softens and adds shine to horse and human hair. Eucalyptus, peppermint and lemon oils in the formulation create a pleasant scent.

If you would like to enjoy the luxury of a spa-like experience with your horse, shop Ponytail bathing products. Look for the elegant black and gold packaging on the shampoo, conditioner, spot remover and more.