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Dover is proud to introduce Passier's® frt-System®

Studies show when a horse's foreleg reaches forward and touches the ground, cartilage in the shoulder blade area protrudes outward due to muscle movement from below. With this knowledge, and using the excellent PS tree,Passier® developed an anatomically curved gullet plate, that prevents contact between the horses's shoulder blade cartilage and saddle tree during movement. The end result is the ingenious free rotation tree (frt-System), which offers increased freedom of movement, improved performance and responsiveness.

About Passier® Trees

The PS Tree

This exclusive design was developed by Passier® over 50 years ago and continuously produced ever since. More than 1200 steps are necessary to create each tree. Made primarily from layers of wood and leather, with strips of bamboo worked in to add flexibility, the PS tree represents the pinnacle of Passier® quality

The Synthetic Saddle Tree

Made from a high-tech elastomer material and tested under aerospace conditions, the Passier® synthetic tree combines Passier's 140-year tradition with modern technology. It carries a 10-year manufacturer warranty