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Saddles and Fittings

Riding Apparel, Body Protectors and Gloves
About Stirrup Irons
About Stirrup Leathers
Advantages of Synthetic and Leather Saddles
Choosing Saddle Panels
Choosing a Saddle Pad
English Saddle Fitting Guidelines
How to Select and Size an English Saddle for a Rider
How to Select a Girth
Overview of Adjustable Tree Systems in Saddles
Correct Attire for the Dressage Ring
Correct Attire for the Hunter Ring
Correct Attire for the Jumper Ring
Glossary of Fabric Related Terms
How to Measure for and Fit a Body Protector
How to Size Riding Gloves
How to Properly Fit Your Show Ring Attire

Bridles, Bits and Halters Blanketing
Types of Halters
How to Fit a Halter
How to Adjust a Snaffle Bridle
How to Measure for a Bit
How to Measure for a Bridle
Overview of English Bridles
About Blanketing and Horse Clothing
How to Measure Your Horse for a Blanket
Tips for Fitting Blankets or Sheets
How and Why to Use an Exercise Rug

Leather Care and Qualities Around the Stable
A Guide to Matching Brown Leathers
Basic Overview of Leather Grains and Qualities
Caring for Genuine Fleece
Quick Reference Guide to Leather Colors
Tack and Leather Care
Tack Inspections
About Custom Tack Drapes
Cold Weather Barn Management Tips
Cold Weather Riding Tips
Hot Weather Riding Tips
Organizing Your Barn
Tips for Coping with Stall Boredom and Stable Vices
Tips For Fighting Flies
Tips for Trailering

Miscellaneous Horse Tack Grooming and Clipping
About Horseshoe Studs
How to Select and Fit Bell Boots
How to Select Hoof Boots for Riding
How to Select Horse Boots
Overview of Lungeing Equipment
A Guide to Grooming Tools
About Body Clipping
How to Body Clip a Horse
How to Care for Your Brushes
Tips for an Effective Grooming Routine
Tips for Bathing Your Horse

Helmets and Hairstyling Horse Health
Hairstyles for Competition
Helmet Storage and Use
Helpful Tips for Hairstyling
How to Measure Your Head for a Helmet
About Equine Vaccines
How to Control Flies on the Farm
How to Protect Your Horse from Flies
How to Use Equine Vital Signs
Maintaining an Equine Medical Kit
Pain Therapies for Horses
Supplements for Pain Relief in Horses
What is a Splint?

Tall Boots Product Specific Articles
How to Care for Tall Riding Boots
How to Check the Fit of New Tall Boots
How to Measure for Stock Tall Boots
About Custom Tack Drapes
Charles Owen Custom Helmets
Equestrian Pilates
Fly Control Shopping Guide
Grand Meadows Supplements
hit - air Shock Buffering System
Isabel Saddles
Joint Supplement Info
Point Two Air Jackets
Rider's International by Dover Saddlery Horse Clothing
Samshield Helmets
Dover Saddlery Premier Collection
USRider Motor Plan
Zimectrin Gold
Riding Sport by Dover Merino Wool Collection
Riding Sport by Dover Tech Collection