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How to Measure For a Horse Blanket
For your horse's comfort, any sheet or horse blanket he wears must fit him appropriately. You can measure your horse to determine the overall size you want, and then choose from a variety of cuts and manufacturers to find the optimal fit.

The photograph provided here is intended to help you understand how the manufacturer's blanket and sheet sizing is determined.

The horse blanket is placed flat out with all fastenings undone and the fabric spread smooth. If the blanket had gussets or darts, they would be spread flat too. A soft fabric tape measure with inch measurements runs from front binding to back binding, and sits just at base of the neck opening.

To determine the size sheet or blanket to try on your horse:

    1) Decide where you want the sheet or blanket to end. Some people prefer the tail portion to be long enough to form a "tent" over the top of the horse's tail, especially for turnout coverings. Other people prefer to have horse sheets and blankets stop just short of the tail, especially for stable wear.

    2) Stand your horse squarely on level ground.

    3) Stretch a soft fabric tape measure with inch increments from the center of your horse's chest (where the base of the neck meets the chest) over the point of his shoulder, to the point at which you want the sheet or blanket to end. The diagram provided here shows that the horse's tail will be covered by the blanket, because the tape measure is stretched to the center of the tail (dock).

    4) The inch measurement you obtain translates to blanket size you should try on your horse.

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