Horse Blankets

Horse blankets and horse clothing for every season and every need. Shop a wide selection of turnout blankets & horse sheets, stable blankets, stable sheets, coolers, anti sweat sheets, fly sheets, fly masks and more! Shop our wide selection of top horse blanket brands, sizes and colors -- we have a horse blanket to suit every horse and pony. Read more about blanketing a horse. Learn how to measure your horse for a blanket. Read our tips for fitting horse blankets or sheets.

Horse Blankets for Winter, Summer and Year-Round

Keep your horse comfortable! The right horse blanket or horse sheet makes all the difference in the world to your horse. Dover has you covered with lightweight horse sheets for the heat of summer and heavyweight winter horse blankets for when the snow flies. We even have waterproof horse blankets to handle rain and fog. Any climate, any horse - you'll find the right horse blanket at Dover Saddlery.

Horse Fly Sheets and Fly Masks

A horse fly sheet protects your horse from flies and keeps her comfortable. Dover Saddlery carries horse fly masks and sheets that combine protection from flies with lightweight construction for maximum comfort. With dozens of fly sheets for horses to choose from, you'll find the protective apparel your horse deserves right here at Dover.

Turnout Blankets

Winter, spring, summer and fall, a turnout blanket is a must-have to protect your horse from the elements. Horse turnout blankets from Rambo, Weatherbeeta, Pessoa and other brands will keep your horse comfortable year-round. Dover has a large selection of lightweight, medium-weight and heavyweight turnout blankets and turnout sheets to choose from.

Horse Coolers

Whether it's for cooling down after a long session in the schooling ring or waiting outside the show ring on a hot day, a horse cooler is essential to your horse's comfort and well-being. Shop for scrims and anti-sweat sheets in a variety of styles.