The amazing new performance bit. Recommended as a training bit for starting young horses, through to performing at the highest level or simply trail riding. The Pee Wee Bit is suitable for all disciplines. Its a hacking bit, endurance bit, show jumping bit, eventing bit, Schooling for dressage, driving bits, campdrafting bit, barrel racing bit, polo, thoroughbred & harness racing bit or just trail riding- anything you and your horse fancy trying!
The PeeWee bit is constructed with stainless steel rings and side bars and a "sweet iron" mouth bar which is INTENDED TO RUST. This rusting effect is what creates extra saliva in the horses mouth to prevent the mouth drying out.
  • No gadgets or gimmicks on the bit

  • Eliminates mouthing issues as the large rings do not contact the sensitive sides of the face. The only contact is on the lower jaw by the small side bars when rein contact is given , and as a result no pinching of the lips and gums

  • Provides maximum response with minimum pressure and yet horses love having this bit in their mouth because it is so comfortable due to it being lightweight , the perfect shape for the mouth and sits in the

  • Assists in re-educating older horses with mouthing issues as the feel, signals and position are all totally new to the horse and so the horse will not associate previous bad experiences with these new experiences

  • Great for horses with big fleshy tongues and low palates as the thin mouth bar leaves plenty of room in the mouth for the tongue which eliminates the irritation of contact to the roof of the mouth

  • Starting and mouthing young horses: The Pee Wee Bit provides faster education for young horses due to a precise clear signal which minimizes confusion and combined with the level of comfort, young horses accept the bit much quicker and as a result you eliminate traditional problems such as head tossing, mouth opening and resisting/laying on the bit

  • Prevents your horse getting its tongue over the bit

  • The bit sits squarely down over the tongue and the bars of the lower jaw which encourages the horse to flex at the pole and come down over the bit rather than behind the bit so your horse is in a more natural position to work

Pee Wee Bit

Dover's Price: $79.99

Correct Fitting - All Purpose Position

The first photo [left] clearly shows the correct position to attach the bridle cheek straps - the reins then attach to the large rings behind the bridle cheek straps. Note how the large ring lays down over the side bar.

The second photo [right] clearly shows the Macs Equine Pee Wee bit set in the All Purpose position with the large rings turned down.

Note the position of the side bar and how it points back to the riders legs. As the mouth bar is aligned with the side bars it gives you a good indication of the position the mouth bar is sitting in the horses mouth. It is positioned squarely and evenly over the tongue and bars which results in even pressure when rein contact is applied and as a result no discomfort from pinching the sensitive parts of the mouth such as the tongue and lips.

It is also important to note that there are NO WRINKLES/CREASES in the corner of the horses mouth. The mouth bar should be only making passive contact when the cheek straps have been set at the correct length.

Ensure that you can place a couple of fingers between the chin strap and the horse's chin. This strap is NOT a curb strap and only acts as security in keeping the bit in place and therefore should not put any pressure on the chin.

You should expect it to take up to four rides before your horse has reached maximum performance with the Pee Wee bit.

Incorrect Fitting

Note how the large rings are turned up and away from the side bars. This results in the mouth bar sitting much higher in the mouth. You will also notice how the side bars are facing downwards instead of facing back towards the riders knees.

Pony/Small Horse: Fits horses from pony (12.2hh) to galloways and small thoroughbreds (15.2hh) or horses/ponies normally in approx 4"-5" traditional bit.
Meausrements: 115mm (4 1/2") long mouth bar

Standard Horse: Fits horses between 15.2 to 17 hands or horses normally in approx 5"- 6" traditional bit . Ideal for large jawed breeds (i.e. quarter horses) or large thoroughbreds.
Meausrements: 125 mm (5") long mouth bar

Large Horse: Fits over 17hh or horses normally in a 6"-7" traditional bit. Ideal for large warmbloods, drafts or draft crosses.
Meausrements: 135mm (5 1/2") long mouth bar

Q: Why should I buy a Macs Equine Pee Wee bit ?

A: Because, not only does the Pee Wee bit give amazing control requiring only light hands, it is extremely comfortable for your horse.

Q: How do I get amazing control from the Pee Wee while at the same time it is so comfortable for my horse?

A: The Pee wee bit is unique in design. The mouth bar of the bit sits squarely down over the tongue and onto the bars of the mouth, which automatically encourages your horse to flex at the pole so no tie downs are required. So basically your horse will be down over his work. When you pull on an individual rein only a small portion of the bit, known as the side bar contacts a very isolated area of the bottom jaw only which forces your horse to yield from this very precise pressure . Your horse cannot brace against the side bars. Other bits allow the horse to brace against the rings or shanks on the bit which gives absolutely no firm command and the result is a rigid neck with limited flex.