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Whether you are an Olympic equestrian, a junior moving up the ranks or an adult amateur, OnTyte stirrups will help you improve your quality of riding. The OnTyte Magnetic Stirrup System uses a highly engineered method of harnessing the perfect amount of magnetic attraction between the special OnTyte Stirrup and boot sole. Riders of all levels will notice increased stability and balance, better leg contact and improved confidence.

Composite Stirrups

Stainless Steel Fillis Stirrup

OnTyte™ Sole Kit

OnTyte™ Slip-On Booties

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How does OnTyte's Magnetic Stirrup System work?

OnTyte’s Magnetic Stirrup System uses a very simple method of harnessing magnetic attraction. The custom made stirrup houses a magnet and your boots contain metal plates that attract the OnTyte stirrup to your boots. If you already have boots, send them to OnTyte for resoling.
*OnTyte requires both our stirrups and Integrated Sole System to work

Will metal objects stick to my boots?

No, the magnets are only in the stirrups.

Is OnTyte Magnetic Stirrup System safe?

OnTyte was designed to be as safe as possible while maintaining the look, feel and functionality of standard stirrups and boots. One OnTyte user commented, “We all fall sometimes. But with OnTyte my feet easily came out of the stirrups.”

Will OnTyte keep me from loosing my stirrup?

OnTyte will give you greater control and greatly reduce the possibility of losing your stirrups.

Is OnTyte's stirrup a "safety stirrup"?

OnTyte’s stirrups are not what the industry refers to as “safety stirrups.” They have a similar design to conventional stirrups, but are much lighter and the foot pad is slightly wider providing increased comfort.

What happens if I fall?

Falling off a horse can be dangerous, but OnTyte was designed to hold the stirrup to the rider’s foot, not the rider to the stirrup or saddle. If a fall occurs the weight and force of the rider overcomes the magnetic bond and the foot easily releases from the stirrup.

Will it work for children?

A children’s version of OnTyte is under development.

Can I use my existing boots with OnTyte?

Yes! Simply order our resole option. Send your boots to OnTyte and we will resole them with our Integrated Sole System

How long will re-soling my boots take?

Depending on the service level selected OnTyte can resole your boots in as little as one week including transit time.

Can I use my existing stirrups with OnTyte?

No, OnTyte manufactures and sells the only magnetic stirrups on the market today.

Is OnTyte legal or approved for competition?

Yes. The FEI has approved the use of OnTyte in international competition.

Will OnTyte improve my riding?

OnTyte riders have found they ride with more confidence. “You can focus on the ride because you know your stirrup is there.”

How was Ontyte developed?

The idea of a magnetic stirrup was conceived by a rider who, when returning to riding after a lengthy injury-induced layoff, found her leg strength had deteriorated and that stirrup loss had become a frustrating problem. When she mentioned her frustration to Paul, his engineering and product development expertise took over and Ontyte was born.

How do I ship my boots to OnTyte?

Once your order is placed you will be asked to print your “order acknowledgment”. This acknowledgment will contain the shipping address. Remember to include this acknowledgment with your shipment. Most of our customers simply take their boots to a UPS Store or Pack and Ship to have them sent out.