Correct Attire for the Jumper Ring
Jumper show attire encompasses the most variety of acceptable colors in coats, shirts and breeches. Your goal should be a neat, tidy and pleasing appearance in front of the judge. Here we quote the 2011 USEF Rule Book for jumper attire and follow the rules with suggestions from Dover Saddlery's product advisors to help you make the right choices while assembling your jumper show attire.

Note: Always check the USEF web site for rule changes prior to your competition.

USEF Rule JP111.7 Attire:
"Formal Attire. Black, blue, green, grey, scarlet or similar coats are permitted; white or fawn breeches; a white tie, choker or hunting stock, and a white or lightly colored shirt must be worn. Shirts must have a white collar and white cuffs."

USEF Rule: Coats
"Black, blue, green, grey, scarlet or similar coats are permitted"

Dover Tip
You have a wide range of coat color choices that are acceptable to wear in a Jumper Classic or Grand Prix. Choose a jacket color that flatters you and complements your horse, and remember that conservative hues remain the most popular. Many of the newest athletic fabrics to be found in show coats are easy-care, breathable and provide incredible stretch to enable your mobility in the saddle. Consider the Ovation Performance Competition Coat and the Grand Prix Special Edition TechLite Classic Sport Coat as examples of coats that are perfect for the jumper ring.

Scarlet coats are reserved for members of a recognized hunt who have earned their colors and for riders who are representing the United States in international competition.

USEF Rule: breeches
"white or fawn breeches"

Dover Tip
For formal classes, you should choose breeches in white or tan, which is a color that can be considered to be fawn. Pair your breeches with a belt.

USEF Rule: Shirts and Ties
"a white tie, choker or hunting stock, and a white or lightly colored shirt must be worn. Shirts must have a white collar and white cuffs."

Dover Tip
Choose a white or light-colored shirt that has a white collar and white cuffs. Men typically pair a button down shirt with a tie. Ladies may choose a button-down shirt with a choker (that can be removed if a stock tie is worn) or wrapneck.

USEF Rule GR801.2
It is compulsory for riders in all Hunter, Jumper and Hunt Seat Equitation classes ... where jumping is required and when jumping anywhere on the competition grounds to wear properly fastened protective headgear which meets or exceeds ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials)/SEI (Safety Equipment Institute) standards for equestrian use and carries the SEI tag."

Dover Tip
Wear an ASTM/SEI certified helmet. Styles of helmets popular in the jumper ring include those from GPA, such as the Speed Air Evolution, and Charles Owen, such as the AYR8.

If you have long hair, it should be neatly contained in a hairnet and tucked under the helmet.

Dover Tips on Boot, Spurs and Gloves
Choose black field boots and shine them to a high gloss. Spurs are optional, and if you wear them they should be clean and shiny.

Gloves are commonly worn and most riders select black, although there is no rule regarding glove color or type. Consider the many styles and options you have in gloves to achieve the best fit and functionality for you. Some styles offer flexible gussets to enhance your finger mobility, some feature ventilated panels to help keep your hands cool and still others have extra texture for added grip on the reins. You'll find gloves in various types of leathers as well as synthetic fabrics. You might like to try the Tredstep Show Jumper Pro Glove or the SSG Grand Prix Glove.

Note: Members of the Armed Services or the Police may wear their Service Dress Uniform with protective headgear.

USEF Rule JP111.5. Attire
"Management, at its discretion, may allow competitors to compete without riding coats. If a riding coat is not worn, riders must wear a shirt with a collar or a choker, neatly tucked into riding breeches. A windbreaker jacket or raincoat may be worn if conditions require. In all cases, riders must appear neatly attired to appear before the public or be subject to penalty of elimination by the judges .... A windbreaker jacket or raincoat may be worn in inclement conditions."

Dover Tip
If a riding coat is not worn, such as when jackets are waived, then you must wear a shirt with a collar. The collar can be a wrapneck or a choker, and the shirt should be tucked into breeches that are paired with a belt. Plain, solid-colored polo shirts are also a popular choice for classes in which you can ride without a coat. However, you should check with your trainer for geographical preferences in your area.

Show Tip
Any rider can wear a protective vest designed for equestrian use without penalty from the judge.

Dover Tips for Informal Jumper Attire
Choose a show coat in black, blue, green or other conservative hue. Coordinate the traditional breech colors of beige, tan or light gray with your coat color. Dark gray, rust, sage or olive are allowed in the show ring, but in some parts of the country are rarely seen. You can find many of these and similar colors in the TS Low Rise Breech. Colors such as blue are usually worn when schooling outside of the competition. Competitions can make jumper show attire rules specific to their competition, so if you plan to wear non-traditional colors, check for such restrictions first.

Coordinate your jacket and breeches with a matching show shirt with collar. The shirt can be a button down with standup collar and choker, or a polo shirt, such as the Ariat Prix Polo Shirt. Monogramming on a show shirt collar is desirable. Always fill your breech's belt loops with a belt for a finished look.

Your field boots should be clean and shiny, as should your spurs if you choose to wear them. Again, complete your finished appearance with a pair of black gloves.

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