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USEF Rule: Shirts and Ties
"white shirts with white stock"

Dover Tip
For formal classes, the shirt and tie you should wear depends on the style of coat you wear. Ladies should pair a traditional hunt coat with a white show shirt that has either a white standup collar or wrapneck. Men should pair a hunt coat with a white shirt and white tie; some men may choose to wear a stock tie, though these are traditionally worn with a shadbelly.

If you're wearing a scarlet coat, pair it with a white shirt worn with a white stock tie, four-fold preferred, and finished with a plain gold stock pin fastened horizontally. Certain members of the hunt may wear the pin vertically.

If you're wearing a shadbelly, wear a white shirt with a white stock tie, four-fold preferred, and finished with a plain gold pin that is fastened horizontally.

USEF Rule: Breeches
"white, buff or canary breeches"

Dover Tip
Beige and tan are the most popular colors for breeches to wear with a traditional hunt coat. White breeches are commonly worn with a shadbelly or a scarlet coat. Be sure to wear a conservatively styled belt with your breeches.

USEF Rule: Headgear
"protective headgear. See GR801. All Hunter and Hunt Seat equitation riders must wear protective headgear while jumping in accordance with General Rules, GR801.2. In classes restricted to junior exhibitors protective headgear must be worn in accordance with GR801."

Dover Tip
Wear an ASTM/SEI certified helmet, such as the Charles Owen AYR8 Classic. Black is the wisest color choice, but consult your trainer for local preferences.

Long hair should be completely contained in a hairnet under your helmet, except for the case of short stirrup classes or very young riders, for which braids are acceptable.

Dover Tips: Boots and Gloves
Choose tall, black leather boots that are shined to a high gloss. Hunter dress boots, such as the Westchester Zip Boot, are the most formal choice, but field boots such as the Mountain Horse Venice Zip are also quite common and acceptable. Consult your trainer for the most appropriate choice for your classes.

Spurs, if worn, should be clean and shiny and positioned high on the heel.

Black gloves are preferred for this class in most geographic locations. Leather or leather look is most appropriate, and you'll find numerous options on the market to suit your taste.

USEF Rule HU127.2: Heat/Jackets Waived
"When management permits Hunter or Hunter Seat Equitation riders to ride without jackets, riders must wear traditional, short, or long-sleeved riding shirts with chokers or ties."

Dover Tip
When jackets are waived, you may choose to wear your jacket in the show ring anyway if you feel more comfortable doing so. If you ride without a jacket, you should wear a show shirt that meets the USEF rule criteria; it should be tucked into your breeches and you should wear a belt if your breeches have belt loops. Your shirt may have a wrapneck or a standup collar with choker. Some riders feel that when riding without a jacket, a long-sleeved shirt presents a nicer appearance than a short-sleeved shirt.

Dover Tip: Informal Hunter Classes
For informal classes, you can choose a hunt coat in a dark, conservative color or in a muted color such as gray or brown that complements the color of your horse. Wear a show shirt that has a wrapneck or standup collar and choker. Your shirt can be white, pastel or have a subtle stripe or check pattern. Stock pins are not required on chokers; monogramming is suggested. Select a monogram color that complements your jacket and shirt.

Choose buff, beige, tan, light gray or rust breeches-but never a dark colored breech-and top them with a belt. Select an ASTM/SEI certified helmet in black. Choose tall black leather boots.

Junior riders may wear paddock boots with jodhpurs and garter straps. Both paddock boots and garters should be brown. Spurs, if worn, should be clean and shiny. Black gloves are preferred to finish off the look of the show ensemble.

Show Tip
Any rider can wear a protective vest designed for equestrian use without penalty from the judge.

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Note: Members of the Armed Services or the Police may wear the Service Dress Uniform according to USEF Rule HU 127.1.

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