Centurion Advanced Therapy for Equine Athletes

Experience the benefits of Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy for $350/Month

  • Used by sport horse trainers from all disciplines to ensure peak performance and boost healing of injuries.
  • Pulsed Low Frequency Magnetic Field Therapy (PMF) permeates all cells, increasing circulation and encouraging blood flow to areas not reachable by traditional treatments. PMF also helps the body regenerate cells, significantly boosting recovery and healing
  • Safe, painless and drug free, it can be used preventively to ensure maximum recovery at the end of the day or to gain maximum potential before a big class
  • You determine the length and intensity of treatment based on each horse’s needs and training regimen. Ten frequency and intensity settings are available.
  • Hoof Pad treats bruising and concussion and can minimize these effects by encouraging blood flow.
  • Compact system travels and stores easily.
  • You can rent Centurion systems by the month with no commitment – a perfect way to try before you buy or to treat or prevent injuries at minimal expense.

About the Centurion Systems 4H:

The Centurion 4PH comes with four leg wraps, a body blanket, two Splitter Boxes and a carry case. A powered unit, which can be used to treat any part of the horse. The blanket is constructed of heavy cotton twill for withstanding lots of wear and tear. Our most popular model because of its versatility. Leg wraps are used on legs or placed in an open position into the pockets of the blanket.

About the Centurion Systems Hoof Pad:

The Hoof Pad is one of our latest addition to the Centurion family equipment. This revolutionary product has come to fulfill many of the horsemen’ requirements in a therapy. The Hoof Pad is an accessory designed to operate with either of the powered machines --- 4PH or 9PH. The Centurion Hoof Pad has been widely used on indications such as: Abscess, concussion problems, bruised feet, swelling, etc.