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Fly Predators
FLY PREDATORS (1-5 HORSES) Fly Predators Fly Predators®
Fly Predator

Fly Predators®

Fly Predators® are a natural alternative to fly sprays and chemicals. Fly predators are nature's own remedy to pest flies. These tiny flies will never bother, sting or bite people or animals but they help keep annoying pest fly populations down. Sprinkle near manure, these predators destroy flies in their cocoon stage. Intended for 1-5 horses. $19.95


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Fly Predators® are nature’s own remedy for pest flies. Sprinkle on manure areas as weather warms. During summer, re-release fly predators to keep fly population down. These tiny predators will not bother, sting or bite people or animals, and they’ll never become pests themselves. Fly Predators’ entire life cycle is situated near manure (where the pest fly pupa are typically found), so they go virtually unnoticed. Natural enemies of all pest flies that breed in rotting matter and manure, including the common house fly, horn fly, biting stable fly and lesser house fly, they serve as a major check of pest fly populations by destroying the next generation of flies in their immature pupa (cocoon) stage. All shipping is included anywhere in the contiguous U.S.

Fly Predators
What are Fly Predators?
Fly Predators are tiny wasps, completely biteless and stingless. They are only active at night and due to their size, and the fact they live their entire 28-day lifespan on or near manure, Fly Predators go virtually unnoticed. They are natureƆs own enemy of the common house fly, biting stable fly, horn fly, and lesser house fly. They do not affect the deer fly and horse fly population however, as these biting flies breed in water.

How do they work?
Fly Predators destroy the immature fly in the pupa form. The Fly Predator will punch a hold in the pupa case of the fly (killing it), eat the developing fly inside, and lay her eggs in the case. Fly predators do not affect existing adult flies. Adult pest files must either live out their short 21-day lifespan or be removed by supplemental methods of fly control compatible with Fly Predators. These include traps, sticky paper, or bait stations.

When do I release the Fly Predators?
When the Fly Predators arrive you will receive a clear bag containing wood shavings, and what looks like brown rice. Keep them in a warm place but out of the sun. They should hatch within 1-5 days. You will see them walking around the package. This is when they are ready to be released.

Where do I release the Fly Predators?
They should be released by sprinkling them near all areas where there is (or was) fresh manure. Just getting them close to these fly breeding areas is good enough as they will self distribute up to 150 feet away. Leave a few in the bag, pin the open bag up on a wall of the barn and let them self-release in the barn overnight. The barn is not typically a fly breeding area, however, there may be some breeding happening in a warm wet corner of a stall.

**You will receive a fresh shipment of Fly Predators every 4 weeks during your determined fly season.

**Fly Predators are not a spot treatment all animals on the property must be accounted for, for Fly Predators to be effective. Fly Predators must be dispersed near all manure areas (the manure pile and the paddocks).

**Try Fly Predators for at least 3 months before making an analysis of how effective they are. Give them a chance!

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