Chesley Chmura riding Mito's Allusion
Customer Service Manager

Here at Dover, we not only want to offer the widest selection of equestrian products, we also want to be sure we’re offering the right selection of products that you will need and love. That’s why we put our riding experience to work for you every day. Our team has the knowledge and experience to answer your questions and help you find solutions. You can trust us to give you the support you need to spend more quality time in the saddle!
Amy Hamlet-Rose riding Deveron
Patricia Nesto riding Noted
Kara Judge riding Rose Tattoo
Rebecca Przywara with Casper
Store Manager, Branchburg
Photo by Art Margeotes
Melissa Burdette riding Esprit GS
Product Advisor, Plaistoq
Photo by AK Action Photo
Gillian Deschamps riding One in a Millie
Photography Coordinator
Photo by Joan Davis / Flatlandsfoto
Patti Swan riding Mistral
Customer Service Representative
Renee Trakimas
Customer Service Representative
Sharon Desmettre riding Bright Potential
Customer Service Representative
Wyleng Liew riding Chief's Paradox
Senior Product Advisor, Chantilly
Photo by Katherine A. Turnbull
Tracy Gilman riding Nautilus 47
Keyholder, Libertyville
Photo by Mairi Thennes
Madeline Wermeling riding Bear Necessities
Product Advisor, Cinncinnati
Photo by Suzanne Fischer
Robert Bowersox riding Fox Red
Product Advisor, Hunt Valley
Photo by Robert Bowersox
Shana Cortez riding Rio
Production Image Specialist
Photo by Abigail Powell
Haleigh Williams riding Rocketier
Product Advisor, Hunt Valley
Photo by Jennifer Murphy
Tatum Stam riding Catch Me If You Can
Product Advisor, Libertyville
Photo by Mairi Thennes
Caroline Langley riding Ride the Wave
Product Advisor, Austin
Photo by Heaven's Horse Photography