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Horse Wormers

Worms are parasites that compromise your horse’s health. Various types of worms attack the many systems of your horse’s body, causing damage to the mouth, stomach, intestines, lungs, blood and skin, and compromising the horse’s immune system. At best, a high parasite load can degrade the overall look of your horse by manifesting in a dull coat or poor physique. At worst, parasites and their detrimental effects on your horse’s organs can cause colic or death. You can help keep your horse healthy by controlling his parasite load with a targeted deworming program involving fecal egg count analyses and consultation with your horse’s veterinarian.
Dover Saddlery carries a wide selection of effective horse wormers in both oral paste and pellet varieties. But administering a wormer that has no effect on the particular parasites attacking your horse offers no benefit, and worse, can further the growing parasite resistance to dewormers—a serious problem for all horse owners. Proper deworming that strives to avoid building parasite resistance is vital to your horse’s health.

That’s where fecal egg count analyses come in. These inexpensive tests, which can be purchased at Dover Saddlery or conducted by your veterinarian, reveal the exact type or types of parasites, if any, your horse is carrying. Armed with that information, you can then select the horse wormer with the appropriate active ingredients to remove your horse’s parasite load.

You’ll find dewormers that contain ivermectin as the main active ingredient, such as Zimecterin ® . Strongid ® Paste or Pellet Wormer uses pyrantel pamoate, and Panacur features fenbendazole. The active ingredient in Quest ® is moxidectin. Wormers that contain praziquantel, including Quest Plus®, Equimax ® and Zimecterin Gold®, remove tapeworms. Discuss with your veterinarian the ideal time to treat for tapeworms in your geographic area.