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Saddle Pads

Saddle pads are an item that you can never have too many of! Our selection includes a vast array of colors and patterns from top brand names like Mattes, Cashel®, Equine Couture™, Wilkers, Medallion and more. Popular styles including all-purpose, dressage, half pad, pony, fleece and more make it easy to find the perfect saddle pads for schooling and showing. Pick out your favorite saddle pads today and expand your collection!

Saddle Pads in Dozens of Styles

Our English saddle pads are a must-have for any rider who spends time in the saddle. With so many choices – gel saddle pads, wool pads, neoprene saddle pads and more – you're sure to find the best horse pads for you at Dover. Shop for top-of-the-line pads from Toklat, Lettia, Wilkers and other well-known brands.

Custom Saddle Pads

A custom saddle pad is ideal for getting that one-of-a-kind fit and feel. Many riders prefer them as dressage pads.

Sheepskin Saddle Pads

A sheepskin saddle pad relieves pressure points and reduces friction for a comfortable ride. Sheepskin offers exceptional wicking to draw moisture away from your horse's skin. Plus, sheepskin is gentle on the skin because it naturally contains lanolin. Check out the sheepskin saddle pads available at Dover.

Wool Saddle Pads

Like sheepskin saddle pads, a wool saddle pad wicks moisture away quickly to prevent chafing on your horse's skin. Wool saddle pads also offer excellent shock absorption and compression protection – well worth the investment if you spend a lot of time in the saddle.