Girls & Boys Paddock Boots

Riding boots for girls and boys are essential gear for proper riding. Any English riding boot has a small heel, generally about 1" high, to help prevent a rider’s feet from sliding through stirrup irons. Kids’ riding boots are most commonly seen in the paddock boot (sometimes called jodhpur boot) style, which rises to just above the ankle, but some children ride in tall boots in competitions.
Paddock boots for children are offered in both genuine leather and synthetic materials and are available at a full range of price points from entry level up. Though most paddock boots are traditionally appointed with a punched or plain toe cap, leather paddock boots offer a classic look, breathability and become soft once broken-in. Leather requires proper cleaning, leather care, and conditioning, however, to maximize boot life. For children, many parents choose boots made of manmade materials. Synthetic leather paddock boots are exceptionally easy-care and budget-friendly. They can be cleaned with a simple wiping of a wet rag or soap and water if muddy.

Paddock boots secure with classic front laces or with a front zipper. Front laces provide maximum adjustability as the laces can be as snug or as loose over the tongue of the boot as the child finds comfortable. A front zipper provides for quick and easy on/off with no hassle for the child to tie laces. Some jodhpur boots come in pull-on styles.

In English riding disciplines, riders over the age of 12 commonly pair paddock boots with leather, suede or synthetic half chaps to simulate the feeling and performance of a tall riding boot. Paddock boot and half chap combinations are particularly popular for lessons, schooling and hacking. Children under the age of 12 usually wear paddock boots with jodhpurs, which is a riding pant with knee patches and cuffs that stretch down over the tops of the boots. When a young child competes while wearing paddock boots and jods, he or she typically adds jodhpur straps to the show ensemble.

Dover Saddlery is pleased to offer kids’ riding boots and half chaps from Ariat®, Middleburg™, Dublin®, Devon-Aire®, Ovation® and Saxon® . With such a wide selection of brands, a child of any age can find the right fit and style boot.